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Published on:21 March, 2012
RGUHS Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2012; 2(1):78-82
Research Article | doi:10.5530/rjps.2012.1.11

Simultaneous first derivative UV spectrophotometric estimation of ramipril and olmesartan


Santosh R. Karajgi, Simpi C.C., Kalyane N.V.

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, BLDEA’s College of Pharmacy, BLDEA University Campus, Solapur Road, Bijapur, Karnataka, India


A simple, precise and economical procedure for the simultaneous estimation of Olmesartan Medoxomil and Ramipril in tablet formulation has been developed. Olmesartan and Ramipril are antihypertensive agents belonging to category of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor. The present study involves the simultaneous estimation done by first derivative UV Spectrophotometric method using Shimadzu 1700 spectrophotometer. Olmesartan has zero crossing point at 240 nm in methanol and Ramipril has zero crossing point at 246 nm in methanol. Both these drugs obey Beer’s law in the concentration range employed for the present method. The result of analysis has been validated statistically by recovery studies. The slope and intercept for Olmesartan were 0.0364 and 0.0078 and for Ramipril were 0.0010 and –0.0001 respectively as determined by the method of least squares.